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Question. In your bachelor days how might you have responded to this ad? Back in 1913, 5000 men applied. 27 were chosen. I just finished reading Endurance (Alfred Lansing), one the greatest, true survival stories ever, chronicling Ernest Shackleton and his men braving unbelievable circumstances after their ship (Endurance) was crushed by ice-floes in Antarctica. 

Relevant for us and the world asking the big question: Where are the men? Recent data punctuates the “total collapse of testosterone among American men” (“The End of Men,” documentary by Tucker Carlson). Add our socio-political circumstances of institutionalized gender-confusion, abortion, divorce, defunding police. Just yesterday nearly half the House, along party lines, opposed criminalizing murder of a child who survives an abortion after being born, and opposed laws prohibiting violence against pregnancy centers!

At the heart of all this, most consequential, is the utter absence of men serving as spiritual leaders in their homes. Active Catholics notwithstanding. Without vibrant, personal prayer lives. Without active engagement in making homes a saint-making culture. Often not because we don’t want to, but because we haven’t been really challenged. Or shown how. Or given a context for success. For too long, too many of us have been on the Catholic Road, but hydroplaning; more about what’s mission peripheral than what’s mission critical.

Simply put: How different are we, our spouses, children and world going to be next year as a result of the commitments we make now?

Here’s the ad. Looking for men willing to get on board Endurance.
Beginning with Lent, February 22. 
Through the 40 days we’re inviting you to Pentecost 365. What’s different?
1) Not about special commitments limited to a particular season, but discovering and more fully embracing core Catholic men’s spirituality as a way of life;
2) Not about men apart from wives and children, but incorporating them in manageable ways, offering an engaging tool that will make a difference;3) Not something extraneous, but plugged into the Church’s Sunday readings and power of sacramental grace;
4) Seeking to foster enduring bonds of missioned friendship.

RESPONSE REQUESTED: Please review and note the 7 Disciplines. Per the Sixth Discipline (Brotherhood), we will be meeting weekly at our home Thursdays of Lent (2/23, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30) beginning promptly at 8:30P and ending promptly at 9:45P. 
Please reply now letting us know you’ve received this. And please make note to give us a solid reply within the next few days.

We’ll be reading C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. If you don’t own it, order this version.

Call me with questions. Please feel free to share this invite with others who may be up for it. 

Blessed to be united with you for the Kingdom,

Greg Schlueter
Image Trinity | Mass Impact
C: 814-449-8808
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